Adam Reflecting on His Creation

Man is the only creature God formed in whose nostrils the breath of life was exhaled. Set apart from the rest in the animal kingdom, man’s soul is the only soul to ascend to God and face eternal judgment       (Eccles. 3:21) 

Man's Origin

And the LORD God formed man of  the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.      Genesis 2:7 

From the Rib of Adam


Eve was fashioned by God from Adam’s rib. Woman is to be man’s help that meets his needs, while the man is to love his wife as Christ loves the church and gives himself for it (i.e. the elect). The photo collage can be credited to the author. Its separate elements are the contribution of the various artists involved. These various artists may not embrace or endorse the attitudes or opinions evident on this website. 

Man's View of Man

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God's View of Man

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By Paul J. Wickliffe


The biblical sentence regarding man and his nature is unmistakable, direct, and sobering. Man’s biology and mind have been profoundly and unalterably affected by his “free-will.” Called inherent and innate sin, man is at a loss to affect the deliverance of his soul and body from God’s judgment and condemnation in hell.        

The Origin of Sin

A careful analysis of sin can be traced to the Genesis account in chapter three. Known as the fall of man, it becomes evident that the first to have succumbed to the temptation of pride and self, i.e. choice or man’s ‘free-will,’ was Eve. Choice, distinguished from simply acknowledging God’s evident presence (self-evident truth) and wisdom in creation, Eve rejected God’s determined and physiological design. She decided to reject God’s overall plan for her in the dominion mandate clearly stated in Genesis 1. She acted independently of God and Adam, her spiritual covering.

By the time we get to Genesis chapter three Eve is having a conversation with the devil. The fact Eve had fallen previously is a forgone conclusion. People do not converse with the devil unless they have compromised their soul to self-beforehand. Remember, Satan did not convince Eve to become like him, rather he lied to Eve that she could be as gods—she could be the standard whereby good and evil would be determined.

Man's 'Free-will' a Damnable Heresy

The unscriptural doctrine of man’s ‘free-will’ produced the belief that man could become God. It is this damnable heresy that  has fueled all opposition to Jesus Christ throughout history. 

The Temptation of Eve


As the father of lies, everything Satan told Eve was a lie . . . And this would ultimately lead to death—spiritual and eternal death. 

Do you know how sin was introduced into the human race? By questioning God’s word, “Yea, hath God said.” This is the second time Eve would face this question.

The first time, it would involve her direct relationship with the Creator, Jesus Christ. The second time, it would involve her marriage. Lest anyone suggest I am being unduly harsh on Eve, let it be said that though Eve would indirectly influence the fate of her relationship with her husband, it was Adam, her husband and spiritual leader in the marriage, that would directly plunge the whole human race, and creation, into the downward spiral of God’s curse.

What Eve Surrendered in Exchange for Her Soul

Choice, or man's "free-will?" This is what Eve was offered in exchange for her acknowledgement of the truth. The serpent sold Eve on the lie that she could become as gods. With Eve, as with all disobedient individuals, choice produces an alternative to the truth. Acknowledgment, however; simply affirms the evident and obvious, namely the truth. Contrary to what many believe, there is freedom from the power of the law (to eternally condemn) when Christ’s Holy Spirit indwells the saint. The fundamental truth to emerge from Eve’s encounter with the tempter was NEVER question God’s word . . . For if one questions its power, or authority, or both, the individual charts for themselves a course that is not easily reversible or navigable. 

The Sinister Lie Behind Yoga

Matthew 12:43-45

King James Version

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.  44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.  45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there:  and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.  

Purely and simply, yoga is the yoking or union of the individual with a demon. Our key biblical text is taken from Matthew 12:43-45. The deception within yoga begins with the lie that yoga is simply a way to decompress and rid the individual of stress. It is sold as a different exercise methodology or approach. Get ready for what Matthew 12:43-45 says about this sinister religion and practice.

1. EMPTY—This task begins with clearing the mind of any opposition to Eastern thought, and the belief that the pursuit of ‘truth’ can only be achieved through the avenue of self

2. SWEPT—this task convinces the yoga devotee that this path is not religious, only a path to better health. It is this step, a consummate lie, that is the connecting switch between the empty mind and yoga methodology (garnishment—the decorations of yoga thought) which destroys all resistance to demonic interposition

3. GARNISHED—these will be the steps, or methodologies, by which the yoga student will ultimately achieve what they are pursuing—complete union with a demon . . . A demon impersonating a ‘higher power.’ The following steps are pursued to achieve the ultimate objective of the yoga follower:

a. Breathing exercises—just as God breathed into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life, thereby making Adam a living soul, so too is this mind-over-body mastery a central theme in yoga religious thought. By taking the biblical premise and applying it to Eastern thought, it is hoped the disciple is convinced there is really no difference between the Bible and Eastern thought. I call this the muddying of the pristine water (of Christ)

b. Repetitious chanting—this is the method whereby the mind is conditioned to receive demonic influence, suggestion, or possession (partial or full demonic possession—the difference between Matthew 12:43 and 12:45). Either way the yoga student is under the control of the powers of darkness i.e. God’s judgment

c. Conceive and achieve—known by various names such as projection, envision, prayer or meditation, these pursuits place the individual in the ‘driver’s seat’ and are intended to empower the powerless and convince them they, personally, can control their destiny. How opposite this is to the biblical maxim taken from Proverbs 16:9, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” 

d. Stretching exercises and moderating or influencing involuntary bodily functions—methodologies or pursuits that are intended to deeply convince the individual that through yoga the individual becomes ‘sovereign’ (omnipotent, or in control of their destiny) when in reality it is the biblical God who is sovereign

e. Music—It has been known for years the power of music to create, evoke, and condition its hearers through lyrics, composition and arrangement. Tempo, syncopation, and ultimately the message of the song are powerful tools in a musician’s palate to persuade the hearers in perceiving the world through a perspective never before thought of as ‘acceptable’

The Internal and External Witness of God


Man’s Component Parts

Putting aside man’s obvious and profound network of nerves, veins, muscle, tissue, organs, and bones man’s composition is principally from the dust of the ground. 

At man’s decease, his body corrupts and returns to the dust. This is man’s flesh. While in a decayed state, consisting of fundamental elements, the flesh is nonetheless eternal in God’s plan regarding man.

The non-material portion of man’s make-up consists of his mind, will and emotions. This is known as the soul. It is what energizes and animates the individual. The soul is the core of man’s personality.

The mind is where thought, or cognition, occurs. The mind is also the primary receptacle in which intellect is housed. Recall, conceptualization, spatial relationships, day dreaming, dreaming, language processing, speech formulation, eyesight, touch, taste, smell, and other voluntary and involuntary processes also occur in the mind. 

While many have relied on emotion to direct their lives, this practice is ill-advised and leads to mood swings so unreliable, unpredictable, and extreme that intimacy with such a person is virtually impossible. Emotion is never to lead but always to follow the truth, facts, and the evidence where it leads. While emotions such as love, hate, jealousy, rage, covetousness, lust, and indifference may reside in the soul of man, they blossom and flower through the engagement of the will.

The will of man is where all things, potential and actual, come to a threshold and where a decision is reached. Once a decision has been made, the threshold can be crossed. It is from here the individual can pass through the door that was before them. This door can either be a blessing that has purchased opportunity, or it can hold disappointment, ruination, and heartache. Four things will influence this:

1. the right information (God’s wisdom as we have it in the inerrant scriptures)

2. a moral anchor to guide us (man’s spirit, i.e. “the candle of the LORD,” Prov. 20:27—awareness of right and wrong)

3. a teachable spirit (my nearsightedness regarding options may prevent me from seeing other opportunities)

4. the Holy Spirit’s indwelling (this is profoundly significant because of the eternal consequences involved—heaven or hell)     


man’s spirit=God’s still, small voice

The Internal Witness

Often considered part of man’s being, the spirit of man is actually given to him by his Creator as is stated in Proverbs 20:27, “The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.” It is the moral conscience, or divine awareness of right and wrong, that has been placed there by his Maker. As man’s spirit is his moral anchor, so too is this spirit a governor, or regulator, of man’s soul and flesh. It is given to all men at the time they are conceived in the womb. At death, the spirit returns to God who gave it (Eccles. 12:7). 

Such is man’s internal witness given to him from God as a reminder to men there is a Creator, and that this Creator is a God of justice, righteousness, holiness, surpassing moral purity and judgment. Only the biblical God possesses such lofty, noble, and humanly unattainable attributes—qualities that distinguish him from all other gods, and therefore, all other religions.

The External Witness

Consisting of God’s creation, the law given on Sinai, the ministry of Jesus Christ as confirmed by scripture and history, and the completed testimony of holy writ as inspired and preserved in the K.J.V., the external witness of God to men is voluminous, incontestable, objective, and indictable. It is everywhere observable from the self-evident truths in nature to man’s relationship with his Creator and the moral precepts revealed in God’s laws. God’s laws are evident among all peoples and cultures. Man has no excuse before his Creator—Jesus Christ.

Image Above

In addition to man’s internal witness, namely his spirit, it is these additional witnesses man is found to be without excuse before his Creator—creation (earth by N.A.S.A.), the law (author's document purchased from Washington D.C. National Archives), the incarnation (“The Nativity,” by Gerard Van Hornhorst) and the inspired-inerrant K.J.V. scriptures (author’s personal Bible and images). 

Author's generated image composition, Copyright 2008 Day of the LORD Publications

Charles Darwin and His Origin of Species

Evolution: The Atheist’s Godless, Socialist Platform

Though not fully and formally stated as a ‘scientific’ treatise until Darwin, evolution and the question of where man came from has always echoed back to man as a product of random organic processes taking eons of time. This view heralded by an unbelieving world is a direct attack against the Bible’s six-day creation narrative. 

Whether it is called evolution, intelligent design, theistic evolution, or the Gap Theory, these damnable views are speculative and unproven and do not have the evidence to substantiate their claims. In the case of intelligent design, the problem lies with their explanation of origins—a nebulous, subjective “intelligent cause,” not the clear, objective holy God of the inerrant scriptures. 

Whether it is accidental events coupled with unproven hypotheses and assertions that cannot be supported by the visible evidence (evolution), or a disinterested Providence who has no more power than to create the world then leave it to evolve on its own (theistic evolution), man’s attempt to explain his origins outside the divine context all lead to dead-ends. 

The Gap Theory, perhaps one of the most asinine approaches to comingle the Genesis creation account with evolution, says our God makes mistakes—God had to remake the world (“And the earth was without form and void; . . .”. Contrary to the gap theorist’s rejection of the literal interpretive approach of Genesis 1, this passage is a clear explanation that the earth, i.e. land masses, continents or foundations of the world, as God calls them, were covered with water). The Gap Theory also asserts sin existed before the fall of Adam and Eve and therefore death existed eons of time before the other five days of creation that followed.  


Evolution is the atheist's socialist platform