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A Brief Examination of All Things Collectivist

A Rejection of Jesus Christ Ultimately Leads to Collectivism


Topic: COLLECTIVISM (sold under numerous names: utopianism, socialism, Marxism, democracy, Fascism, nationalism, populism, Communism, monarchism, Nazism, unionism, dictatorship, tyranny, autocracy)

Primary objective: To create a permanent, dependent underclass that will keep the elites in power

Consequences: An increase in the size and influence of the administrative state with its legislation directed towards limiting and punishing the individual. This is accomplished by decreasing personal responsibility and blaming others on an individual level. On a cultural level, personal responsibility is diminished when democratic[1] ideals are promoted through psychological means.[2] This is in stark contrast to a worldview that has a respect for life, observing the law (our Constitution and other founding documents), taking responsibility on a personal level, honoring long held Christian institutions, and respecting the Christian faith 

Marketed through: Propaganda (conditioning, or brainwashing) disseminated through the following avenues: Hollywood, academia, religion, evolution, Planned Parenthood, the Federal Reserve, major internet companies, and the deep state political class currently residing in Washington, D.C.  The one thing all collectives have in common, compared to the biblical paradigm of individual responsibility before one’s Creator, is self, selfishness and self-centeredness.[3] 

Progressivism, a word that describes the manner in which the elitists plan to implement their nefarious scheme of world domination, can be likened to the proverbial frog-in-the-kettle image. Ever so imperceptibly, and incrementally, through the strategy of two steps forward and one step backward, they patiently, with steadfast devotion and perseverance, have conceived, proselytized, convinced and implemented a scheme so subtle, so wickedly subversive, and ultimately so spiritually damning that “if it were possible, they should deceive the very elect.”[4] (Matt. 24:24) 

Consider the following:

  1. altruism--is the unbiblical belief that all men are basically good and reformable.  This is contrary to scripture's doctrine that states man to be radically corrupt in his being, biology, and thoughts (imaginations).  It is this belief, as well as the belief of the founders of America, that all men will be corrupted by power, especially centralized power as evident in all collectivist models of government--from utopianism to Communism.  
  2. utopianism—is based on the erroneous concept of altruism, or the benevolent charity perceived as existing among all men. Altruism, for the utopian, is seen as the norm and not the exception. The utopian sees all men as basically good and those that fall outside the pale of this definition are, nonetheless, capable of reform. This is actually the heresy of all social, political and economic movements labeled as collectivist. This unreasonable and misguided perception of man is exploited by the leftist. While using the vocabulary of the utopian, the leftist, never for a minute, believes the misguided drivel promoted by these do-gooders. The altruism of mankind is the underlying premise which energizes all utopian efforts. This is completely opposite of the Bible’s doctrine regarding the universal, radical corruption of men. Utopianism is inclusive, while Jesus’ message of personal redemption is exclusive. The biggest deception regarding utopianism is its stated benevolence toward all men. Of course, this is just an empty talking point, or a ruse (scam), for those who plan to exploit the movement for their benefit. The ultimate objective of those exploiting this movement, is the creation of a DEPENDENT UNDERCLASS, including the misguided do-gooders. It is the chief architects of utopianism, that ascend to the top. It is the charismatic leader, emerging from the struggle within, who ultimately controls the unwashed masses that assists the dictator’s ascent to the top.
  3. socialism—is an economic and political theory that advocates the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods should be regulated by the community. Those within this community are the elitist ruling class, brainwashing their subordinates through their surrogates in the media, academia, ‘science,’ entertainment, business, sports, and religion. The socialist agenda is primarily advanced through dishonest, clandestine legislation whose purpose is to obfuscate (confuse) and frustrate the opposition. This is why their bills are always hundreds, or thousands of pages long. Their legislation is punitive toward business, the military, and the middle class. Their strategy is to nationalize business, law enforcement, medicine, science and education. This strategy is assisted by labor union votes and contributions, the redistribution of wealth, and voter fraud.  European socialism has duped western leaders into providing for their military protection (N.A.T.O.), thereby making socialized medicine less of a strain on the economies of Europe
  4. Marxism—employing Georg Hegel’s dialectic, minus its spiritual overtones, Marxism seeks to completely eliminate all opposition to its stated objective through dialectical materialism. Accomplished through the media, ‘science,’ and academia, Marxism seeks to produce hatred where there was charity, sow discord where there was peace, and produce suspicion where there was trust. Through the carefully crafted creation of class struggle, or dialecticism, Marxist’s seek to “fundamentally transform America.”[5] Creating struggle where no struggle exists, between the proletariat (working class) and the bourgeoisie (well-to-do, upper class), Marxist’s hope to destroy, by conflict and mistrust, re-make society in their own image, after their own likeness. Under Marxist governments, the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods is a reality not left to the community, but those of ‘unimpeachable (pure) character’ possessing positions of absolute political power. Whereas socialism is content with academic and theoretical constructs that can be debated, initiated, and incrementally advanced, the Marxist subversive is much less patient.
  5. democracy—simply put, is rule by the majority. This majority can be real or imagined. It can actually be rule by sheer numbers eclipsing those in the minority, or it can be created by fake news, phony statistics, computer botts,[6] and jaded opinion polls. In spite of Hollywood’s attempt to characterize America as a democracy, this country is historically and legally a Constitutional Republic[7]
  6. Fascism—wrongly associated as a “right-wing” movement, Fascism, under Benito Mussolini, was actually a left-wing autocratic form of government that emerged from Italian nationalism during WWII (1922-1943). Under Fascism, business (capital, manufacturing, distribution, the exchange of goods, and labor) and the social fabric were all highly regulated and controlled by Mussolini’s ruling elite. His ruling elite were legitimized, sanctioned, recognized, and blessed by Rome. This resulted from Italy’s financial compensation to the Holy See for loss of the papal states.[8]  This agreement, or concordat, between Rome and Italian civil authorities paved the way for Fascism’s origination, infancy, development, spread, and popularity and was legitimized by an agreement between key Italian movers and shakers and those within the Roman Curia. It is known as the Lateran Treaty (signed in the Lateran Palace on February 11, 1929). The formation of Fascism was also fanned by false fears and misplaced Italian insecurities. This occurred during a time in world history where the atheism of Darwin’s godless, evolutionary theory, and Marx’s dialectic materialism challenged the socially accepted norms and established traditions in Europe. These traditions and norms were deeply rooted in Western Christian civilization.
  7. Nazism--Before Hitler and his brown shirts came to power, thanks to the Zentrum, a Roman Catholic organization, a concordat was reached, The Enabling Act of 1933.  Under the guise of eliminating political opposition, the clandestine goal of this decree was to surrender and exchange German civil authority and power for the Vatican's ecclesiastical despotism and temporal power.  All written down in Hitler's "Mein Kampf " (my struggle) many of Hitler's objectives were in place before he came to power.   The Third Reich, under the tutelage and direction of the Jesuits, specifically Father Bernhardt Stempfle editor of "Mein Kampf," were the driving force behind Hitler's rise to power as well as the Fuhrer's iron grip on that power.
  8. nationalism—can be defined as a people’s collective voice within a particular country distinguishing themselves from others by language, race and religious persuasion. The term nationalism, when applied to a political movement, is the exploitation of this group by a charismatic political leader with the ultimate objective of ascending to power and, once there, the elimination of all opposition voices. Italian nationalism gave rise to Mussolini and his Fascist dictatorship. German nationalism, spawned the Catholic Zentrum, and gave us the brown shirts of Hitler’s Nazism. Spain’s nationalism produced Francisco Franco’s Communist dictatorship all fueled by leftist efforts and resources. 
  9. populism—also known as the People’s Party, was a major political force from 1892-1896. In 1892 the party’s platform, commonly known as The Omaha Platform, was a combination of socialist and Republican principles. The platform sought to regulate railroads, telegraphs and telephones, while calling for the elimination of national banks. It also called for a graduated income tax, direct election of Senators, civil service reform, and a working day of eight hours. Earlier attempts, in the 1880’s, saw the party resolve itself in removing the country from the gold standard. This was in hopes of deflating agricultural prices compared to other agricultural goods such a farm machinery with its numerous implements. In 1896 the People’s Party endorsed the Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan thereby losing its identity as an independent political party.  In its present usage, Populism has come to be known as ‘the common man’s party. . . Much as it was back at its inception . . . But with one caveat (warning). That admonition—the past and present state of the party make it a prime target for leftist infiltration, propaganda, community activism, and liberal consensus building. Anytime you see the forces hide behind a political party and make its appeal to the ‘common man,’ this is nothing more than a liberal smokescreen. Populism is not conservative, nor is it rooted in Americanism, i.e. Constitutionalism. It is rooted in democracy, or majority rule.
  10. Communism —advocates the armed overthrow of the established ruling class through propaganda, Marx’s dialectic struggle, the forceful confiscation of guns, and the complete elimination of private property. The State becomes the individual’s sole allegiance, from cradle to grave. Much like the socialist and Marxist, the press is nothing more than an extension of the propaganda machine. Opposition voices are sent to the gulags. 
  11. monarchism—is government by a king or queen. Succession, or the continuity of the throne, is usually claimed to be by “divine right,” (i.e. according to the will of God). Let us examine the Bible and see what it says about Israel’s call for a king. First of all, did God establish governments?[9] No! Did God establish the earthly rule of an appointed king? No 
  12. unionism—a social construct embracing egalitarianism[10] which affects economics and business, unionism does not believe forces within the free market system will eventually eliminate bad companies and employers. Believing they are the duly appointed social engineers within society to correct the ills within the free market system, the conceit and arrogance of socialists to get their proverbial ‘foot in the door’ of business is akin to the same strategy they employ as they seek the complete elimination of the Second Amendment. This, of course, must first be accomplished by the argument to register[11] firearms (i.e. punish the law-abiding citizen as opposed to punishing the criminal).
  13. parliamentarianism—a system of governance whereby the executive branch, or those responsible for executing the laws, maintain a democratic legitimacy and confidence with the legislature, or the sole law-making body, known as a parliament. In this type of governmental system, the individual’s rights are sacrificed on the altar of the group’s collective will. Simply put, in parliamentarianism the welfare of the group outweighs the significance of the individual . . . A far cry from the United States republican form of government founded on Constitutional parameters that view centralized power in the hands of an entrenched, misguided, and a contrived altruistic political class as most disturbing and dangerous. Parliamentarianism pursues its basic majority ‘ideal’ regardless whether these countries are modeled after the Westminster (Britain, Canada, India), consensus (Spain, Germany) or dualistic (Sweden, Luxembourg, Netherlands) blueprints of parliamentarianism.  Interestingly, it should be noted that Europe succumbed to this type of majority rule in order to placate, or appease, growing WWI revolutionary currents. The ‘reforms’ that arose to counter these revolutionary currents were not intended to eliminate the problems arising from these radical Leftist ideologues.  On the contrary, it was through the sinister paradigm of Georg Hegel, thesis-antithesis-synthesis, the Left would impose its plan on an unsuspecting, and spiritually blind and dying Europe.  


1. political correctness—A brainwashing technique that emphasizes feeling, emotion, subjectivism, and experience over reason, rationalism, factual evidence, empiricism (science), and objective truth.   Applied in the political realm, political correctness circumvents the rational, inductive, inquisitive component of reason.  It relies totally on the subjects’ lack of objective (truthful) information available. . . It banks on it! Feeding its subjects a steady diet of fake news, the Left pounds a constant narrative of lies and deception hoping the oppressed never discover the truth. The consequences of political correctness is to create a developmental imbalance between truth and what is marketed as radical, ideological, subjective bias . . . The Left hopes to create a dependent class that ultimately exchanges the truth for hedonism (pleasure) and expediency (compulsiveness).  Its ultimate goal is to create people who look at their world through the prism of subjective feeling thereby making them pawns in the hands of those controlling the major print and digital media outlets, the Deep State in D.C., Hollywood, academia,  consensus 'science,' as well as the ecumencial, one-world harlot church of the New Age.

2. politicization (po-li-ti-ci-za-tion)—By making institutions, businesses, and national pastimes political, whereas in time past they were not, the Left hopes to destroy faith in these institutions, and even the institutions themselves. Tradition and security are swapped for progressivism's  consensus 'science' and the belief that the individual can become God (thanks to evolution).

3. identity politics—Takes the differences individuals possess through race, gender, and religion and places the emphasis on these differences, not on our unity as freedom-loving Constitutionalists and Americans. Unfortunately, since the holy Bible has been removed from the public square and was the supreme moral anchor from which our Constitution was tethered, America’s definition of God, right and wrong, God’s definition of marriage, gender identity, etc. have been corrupted and prostituted by the political Left.  Identity politics says no one race, and no one person, can be qualified to determine the welfare of the dissimilar electorate. Think about such an asinine statement. This makes governance by any one individual, in this case the President of the United States, impossible to execute existing federal law for fear of 'exploiting some minority group.' Hey, America is a melting pot of distinct people, groups, and cultures!  This argument is non-compos mentis (not sane). Yes, the Left is insane.



[1] The word democracy, or democratic, is a Communist, subversive, destructive, term. It is a word absent amongst Americanist lexicons and rejects a belief in personal exceptionalism (the idea that given liberty of conscience and freedom from  government intrusion, the individual will perform, operate and realize their God-given potential).  Democracy means majority rule NOT representative, Constitutional governance.

[2] This is accomplished through the feminization of all issues. Also called the psychological approach, in politics it has other key names: political correctness, politicization (po-li-ti-ci-za-tion), and identity politics.  With that said, the feminization which politics utilizes to condition its subjects has been inherited from Nimrod. It is he who perfected their use in the field of hunting and stalking game animals, “Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.” (Gen. 10:9). Neither working with subjects who were human, nor understanding the phonics of human speech and language, Nimrod saw the importance of emotion, feeling, ‘the intuitive path,’ intention, experience, and subjectivism in gaining the trust of his animal ‘prey.’ This is in contrast to promoting real world solutions that have been proven by empiricism, the scientific method, rationalism, physical evidence and unbiased testimony, as well as reason—all approaches involving the capacity of a human being to engage their rational, inductive, moral resolve in solving problems they may encounter throughout their life.

[3] The driver of self is pride. It is at the root of all forms and nuances of self whether it be cruelty or advancing an agenda that is socialistic, i.e. a hypocritical system that appears to advance the well-being of the group, on the one hand, while advocating the altruism of mankind on the other. Altruism is a misguided warm, fuzzy feeling for all human beings without regard for their spiritual condition before God. Anyway socialism, a sinister, convoluted approach to promoting the elites’ global objectives, employs utopian ideals to enslave and destroy individual liberty as it seeks to obliterate each component within the group that comprise the whole. Its goals are truly self-destructive: euthanasia, abortion, racism, bigotry, genocide, sex-education, feminism, reproductive “rights,” L.G.B.T., deficit spending, the Federal Reserve, etc. 

[4] This had been made possible through a counterfeit ‘Christian’ movement known as Protestantism (also known as denominationalism or sectarianism), a movement conceived and implemented by Catholics that was a response, a backlash, against the uncompromising faith of New Testament Christianity. Having seen unspeakable acts of persecution by Rome, the underground church of Jesus Christ recognized Rome’s strategy all too well. A strategy that relied on the biblical ignorance of its subjects as well as intimidation, propaganda, deception, lies, intelligence gathering (the confessional), concordats, i.e. clandestine agreements between Rome and the ruling civil authorities whereby Rome would gain complete control—clerically and politically . . . And then the ultimate piece in a strategy to take over any country DISARMAMENT (i.e. gun control). 

[5] A term popularized and coined by President Barack Hussein Obama. Marxist Obama instigated a reign of corruption, mistrust, and deceit and is chief architect over a movement currently known as “The Deep State” or resistance.

[6] A software program that can autonomously tweet and retweet comments, register likes and dislikes, and redirect messages to other accounts, botts have vastly expanded the arsenal of deception within the American Left.

[7] Our Constitution has been assailed throughout its brief history and has been assaulted by socialists, Marxists, establishment types, global elitists and Communist’s masquerading as conservatives.

[8] Lazio, Marche, Umbria and Romagna, and portions of Emilia. These territories were governed by Rome from 754 to 1870. From that point forward, these territories became the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and were predominantly governed through civil authorities, not ecclesiastical prelates (one in Rome who directed and oversaw Italian civil authorities).

[9] Yes, God permitted Israel to have a king. Remember, God’s permissive will always takes into account man’s sin. In heaven there is no permissive will of God evident, ONLY God’s perfect will.

[10] egalitarianism—makes the false and fake appeal that all individuals are equal, not in opportunity, but in ability, resolve and mental capacity. Obviously, all men are not equal in their giftings, relationship with their Creator, nor are they equal in their interest in possessing a teachable spirit when it comes to biblical matters.

[11] There should be no registration of this freedom or any other freedom. The sole purpose of gun registration is to know where the guns are so when the time is right they can come and confiscate your gun.