While man is made in the image of God, formed from the dust of the ground, the duly appointed vessel through which God sees the institution of the marriage covenant, is physically endowed to distinguish himself from the woman, and is to dress, behave and appear masculine, woman is man’s complimentary counterpart—feminine.

Being the weaker vessel (I Pet. 3:7), because of a life directed by her emotions, woman is not to have the rule over man (I Tim. 2:12); in spiritual matters as well as other matters pertaining to life (I Cor. 11:7-9). This in no way is to detract or diminish the reason God created woman. 

Formed from Adam’s rib (Gen. 2:22), woman means taken from man (Gen. 2:23). Her hair given to her as a covering, physically, is to reveal spiritually, her submission before God, her husband, men in general, and discloses a general sign of respect for the chain of command existing within God’s spiritual hierarchy (for example, within the angelic host (See I Cor. 11:3-10) 

While the man determines the sex, the woman shares the blessing of giving birth to children of both sexes. The woman is God’s chosen vessel to bring forth life. Because of a deep-seated need to be accepted and affirmed by others, women were never considered by our Lord as apostles. In addition to the unbounded zeal, unwavering conviction, and physical stamina men possess, the need to be accepted and affirmed excluded women from the appointment within the apostolic leadership.

Let it be understood, that from God’s perspective it was not God’s purpose man was viewed as better than woman, just different. Eve was fashioned from Adam’s rib, from his side, not above him or below him. Woman is different, and it is in that difference women should thank God for who and what they are. It was in Adam and Eve’s distinctions that God’s purpose, design, compatibility, and perpetuation of the human race be fulfilled (Gen. 1:28). 

Remember, I did not write the Bible; however, God’s principles are there for all to see! If a woman is to be happy and fulfilled, she must follow the plan and design for which God ordained. Any other avenue of gratification or pursuit will leave a woman disappointed, disheartened, and depressed. Don’t you think God knows best ladies? God designed you for his purpose, not yours.

Husband's Helpmeet and Mother of All Living


A woman's position in regards to a man has never been in question when it comes to God's word. Woman, which means taken from man, and Eve who was the mother of all living, defined for the woman just who she should be. When a woman seeks fulfillment outside of the clearly defined parameters of scripture she will never be happy, nor will she ever discover her creative purpose in life. 

Image of Jackie Smith, model, from Wikimedia image archives