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The Book and the Website


  • The author’s book, “The Day of the LORD,” is a prophetic view deeply rooted in the Bible. It will alter the world of predictive Bible prophecy like no other 
  • Presents time from the biblical and eternal prism that is seamless, not temporal, sequential, and flawed
  • Formal in its interpretive approach, the author’s book is NOT allegorical, figurative or nonliteral
  • Compares scripture with scripture: objective, not subjective; independent of man’s wisdom not dependent on theological conjecture
  • Exalts the Godhead and in no way diminishes the person, work, and ministry of Jesus Christ, as well as his Holy Spirit
  • Compares and contrasts existing prophetic views and how their unscriptural approach undercuts their 'biblical' legitimacy
  • Examines auxiliary movements within denominationalism, or sectarianism, and how these undercurrents are emasculating the person of Jesus Christ through psychology (the blame game), the Tongues Movement (spiritism gets a face lift), Rome’s ecumenical enterprises (e.g. the counterfeit ‘bible’ movement), as well as the Human Potential Movement (the New Age Movement)
  • Examines man’s approach and understanding of time, to God’s stated perspective on time and how entropy (decay, decline, and death) has been left out of man’s scientific discussions. Also contrasts man’s chronological terms with those as revealed in scripture
  • Takes on the truthful but unpopular premise that denominationalism, with its roots planted firmly in Rome, is nothing more than an extension of Hegel’s synthesis, known historically as the Reformation, with its compass of religious personalities, its redemptive paradigm of works, its blasphemous tenet of man’s ‘free-will,’ along with its ultimate rejection of the Bible as the believer’s sole authority (biblical inerrancy) and the Holy Spirit as the believer’s supreme teacher (the disappearance of the apostolic teaching offices upon completion of the inerrant scriptures--dispensationalism)
  • Completely unmasks the hidden agenda of Socratic dialecticism (man’s war with God), and why the root of this struggle, waging deep within man’s soul, is ultimately a rejection of God’s still small voice, namely man’s moral conscience (Prov. 20:27)
  • Examines the origin of collectivism (tower of Babel) and why this sinister method of abusive governance (despotism, tyranny, Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Marxism, utopianism, parliamentarianism, monarchism, Globalism, unionism--egalitarianism) was spawned from Nimrod AND why the United Nations has its roots, or testing ground, in the religious spirituality of man—atheism or the Babylonian mysteries
  • Examines man’s three biblical components: his spirit, his soul, and his flesh
  • Confronts the contemporary heresy of dualism (two powers, neither of which are omnipotent, eternally opposing one another) that is being espoused by seminaries, churches, mission boards and pulpits across America
  • Examines God’s dominion mandate and how this commandment of God is being replaced with Gaia worship, or worship of the Earth (Mother Nature), and a concept known as ‘sustainability,’ which is nothing more than attack on capitalism, free markets, individual liberty, as well as Western society. This is in direct contrast to the Bible’s teaching of stewardship, or the idea that everything I possess is God’s, which fosters a mindset of appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, responsibility, and respect for one’s Creator
  • Analyzes what the ultimate fate of man is from the Bible’s perspective and how this eschatological tick point is moving toward the rapture of the church, and beyond, to the new heaven, the new earth, and the New Jerusalem
  • Discloses the u.f.o. and alien phenomenon as one of the Left’s most carefully crafted deceptions and why the powers of darkness are ultimately under the control of their Creator, Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18)
  • Reveals that when calculating time, a precise definition of time, with its various terms, is imperative and that the only way of knowing the present and future is to know the genesis of the past 


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Their shared religion of evolution

Karl Marx 1818-1883 and Freidrich Engels 1820-1895


Evolutionists, atheists and narcissists in their own right, Karl Marx 1818-1883 and Freidrich Engels 1820-1895, rejected empirical, observational truth when it came to economics. Marxist dialectic materialism rejected the Hegelian intangibles of man’s spirit as understood by speculative synthesis, human faith with its emphasis on self, and a hope in the reformative nature of man. 

Their system of materialistic exploitation, which they conveniently embraced to advance their own personal agendas, promoted their economic belief that a perpetual conflict ‘must exist’[1] between the bourgeoisie (rich) and the proletariat (poor working man).

They advanced this belief through projection[2] in spite of the evidence to the contrary. Marxists fanatically promote this destructive tactic for one purpose. That purpose: to ‘fundamentally transform’ society. This must be accomplished in order to establish a culture made in their image after their likeness. This tactic is known as divide and conquer or class warfare.

This tactic was/is utilized by the majority of Marxian socialists in their relentless pursuit of power, prominence and prestige.  Never able to refute facts and empirical evidence, many socialists resort to the ‘straw man’ tactic’ of argumentation. Known as argumentum ad passions, this method of verbal sparring is to ignore the facts by manipulating your opponent’s emotions utilizing emotionally charged language (manner and language in which facts are presented) and external cues (the intensity and emotion by which people can be swayed, in spite of factual evidence to the contrary). The very system of free market capitalism they seek to dismantle and destroy, is the very system by which all Marxists and socialists prosper—the quintessential hypocrites and hypocritical advocates. The diseased and perverse mindset by which the Marxist relates to his world, is his religion—evolution. It is this ideologically flawed perspective of reality, that has created a world of the very rich (Marxists), and the exploited poor—a condition, by the way, existing in all Marxist dictatorships and Communist countries.

Whether we are talking social, economic, cultural, or religious dialecticism, two opposing views always emerge, with a devilish ‘solution’ ever present on the horizon.  One, the thesis, embraces self-evident truth, couched in facts and objective proof, regardless of the cost personally. The others, the antithesis AND the synthesis, seek acceptance of their opposing humanistic views from a growing, disaffected, disgruntled sea of humanity, incrementally conditioned to think and accept misinformation, disseminated from those within the synthesis, as the truth.  For those in the corner of antithesis, suspicion and distrust for the consensus builders of the group, keeps antithesis at arm’s length from synthesis

Antithesis seeks individualism, or libertarianism, at the expense of the group’s well-being. Synthesis, on the other hand, under the false pretense of altruism, or a feigned benevolence toward all men, seeks to bring itself to power through deceit, propaganda, intimidation, controlled media and entertainment outlets, marginalizing opposition, while secretly eliminating or silencing opposing voices—’the end always justifying the means.’ 

The secret goal, for those believing in compromise, while surrendering time-honored and tested principles, the dialectic is just another tool in their arsenal of deceit as they shamefully make their way to the top. There is NO WAY any rational, sane individual can actually believe the drivel, or nonsense, the dialecticians spout, since it is always negatively articulated from a standard of self, or the elusive theoretical abstractions of the majority. 

Whether argued from the perspective of one’s sincere subjective opinion, or worse yet, the context of a devious benevolence towards men, the ultimate consequence of antithesis and synthesis is destruction, ruin, shame, with its mutual trademark, the complete elimination of hope.


[1] It ‘must exist,’ whether in the realm of reality or not, in order for their proposition to advance and receive acceptance.

[2] Projection occurs when I speak for you without your consent. Or, put another way, projection is the idea of projecting, or imposing, the Marxist’s will on others, or believing and convincing others that what you think is what they (should) think. In Marxism, by telling a lie over and over again, the recipient of their devilish propaganda simply becomes an extension and tool of the propagandist. The long-standing media outlets in America have become the mind and voice of the Left. If you want to see what a Marxist state looks like just go to any liberal college campus and witness the intolerance, silencing, and violence against anyone espousing a dissenting voice (conservative or Christian).




One day as a thousand years II Peter 3:8

Some of the things this website addresses

The purpose of this website is to inform the reader of several important points:

  1. What does New Testament Christianity look like without the influences we are accustomed? 
  2. What does true biblical redemption look like, versus what Protestantism has taught? 
  3. What does the future hold for mankind from a scriptural perspective (eschatology)?
  4. What should be the response of the believer to many contemporary events in politics, government, economics, religion, science,  culture, technology, and most importantly, Christianity?
  5. How much of what we have learned is actually true . . . About Christianity, about church history, about redemption, about baptism, about the Reformation, etc.?



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from a republic to IMPERIALISM OR hedonism

Jean-Léon Gérôme, "The Last Prayer of the Christian Martyrs,” 1883

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