Origin of sin

The twofold answer to this question can be found in the serpent's question regarding God's word, "Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?"

What were the consequences of man's sin in creation and upon the human condition?

The repercussions of this anwer profoundly preclude the possibility of life elsewhere

What was the purpose of Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden?

In God's mercy, it is one of the primary reasons death came upon all men

What is the significance of the word "know" in Genesis 3:22?

The correct answer to this question helps one to understand why Jesus' does not "know" the hour of his return

Based upon the covenant of marriage, how important is this institution to God?

The success of this most basic of all heterosexual relationships can be found in each of the party's individual relationship with Christ

Had Adam and Eve consummated their marriage before the fall?

This gets to the very heart of the marriage relationship AND God's dominion mandate

Why We Have Become A Society of Victims

The Essence of Psychology is to Blame Others


It started in Eden, it continues today!

Scriptural Replies to the Questions

The twofold answer: sin's origin

What was behind Satan's two-pronged attack against the truth?

  1. Neutralize the truth by questioning its veracity  
  2. Introduce Eve into the seductive attraction of self as God.  This is also known as the damnable heresy of man's "free-will" or choice.  The individual does not get to determine what is truth.  The truth, my friend, is self-evident!  Man's responsibility lay in his acknowledging the truth for what it is--self-evident, obvious, and clear.  Man has a moral conscience given to him by his Creator Prov. 20:27. Man's infatuation with self is contrary to a life "in Christ."  Man's unfettered pride is the driving force behind all religion.

The consequences of man's sin in creation and upon the human condition

Even though Eve sinned first, sin's consequences came through Adam.   This resulted because of how God views the marriage--through the man.    Anyway, the consequences of Adam and Eve's sins forebode the following:

  1. Eve had already sinned before her conversation with the devil.  An individual does not converse with the father of lies unless that person has compromised the truth in their own life
  2. I am convinced Eve's sin was her rejection of God's purpose (bear children--"be fruitful," Eve means the mother of all living, "she shall be saved in childbearing") and design (woman means taken from man, man's help meet, 'the woman was created for the man' I Cor. 11:9, and it is the man that determines the sex of the child I Cor. 11:8).  Contrary to 'Christian psychologist' Dr. Larry Crabb, his unbiblical assertion that Adam was present with Eve is unwarranted.  We see Eve alone from Adam (see I Tim. 2:13-15). I am aware of what Genesis 3:6 says.  The phrase, "with her," implies location, not proximity.  Adam was in the garden (location), however he was not in proximity to Eve, his wife.  Also worthy of observation is the fact they had not consummated their marriage by becoming one in the flesh.  If they had, their child would have been conceived without sin.  The first words of Genesis 4 were, "And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived"
  3. Eve made this spiritually important decision to follow the serpent's advice apart from her husband, Adam
  4. The full impact of Eve's sin, sin's irreversible consequences, did not  come full circle until Adam, her husband, consumed the forbidden fruit Gen. 3:7.  The principle that God views the marriage through the eyes of the man, is also suggested in Genesis 5:2, 'and [God] called their name Adam.'  While the woman is responsible for her own relationship before Christ, in the God ordained union between a man and a woman, God expects the man to be the spiritual head.  God condemns women pastors I Tim. 2:12.  
  5. While there are two different people involved in God's definition of marriage, a man and a woman, God does not view this solemn union as a collective, but as a singular unit, or ONE--"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."  Matt. 19:6; Mark 10:9
  6. In spite of Eve's fall, God did not reckon sin from her, but from Adam.  In Romans 5:12 it says, "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, . . . "  Yes, Eve was guilty in God's eyes; however, God sees the sacred union between husband and wife as inseparable--what affects one, affects the other.  God expected transparency in the first couple's relationship with him.  God expects the same standard between husband and wife
  7. Sin affects man biologically (genetically) and innately (man's mind, will, emotions, and spirit)
  8. Sin introduced physical and spiritual death into the equation of God's creation
  9. Since sin came through Adam, and Adam's sin affected the whole creation, the suggestion would be if life existed elsewhere, then it would be perfect, i.e. not in a fallen state of grace.  Of course, this idea is preposterous.  The notion of life existing elsewhere in the universe stems from man's loneliness and alienation from his Creator.  God is personal and God knows the amount of hairs on your head.  God does care for man.  Unfortunately, man does not care for his loving Creator.  Man is narcissistic--man is in love with himself
  10. There is a heresy called the Ruin and Reconstruction Theory, or Gap Theory, that proposes sin existed before the fall.  It exists between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.  It implies God made a mistake, or oops!  So how asinine is this lame attempt to accommodate evolution with biblical creationism?

What was the purpose of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the garden?

It was to prevent them access to the tree of life and live forever in their fallen state

What is the significance of the word "know" in Genesis 3:22?

Everything Satan told Eve was a pack of lies.  The first couple knew from God's commandment everything they wanted and needed was theirs, through godly obedience.  God's commandments produce light and life (Rom. 7:7).  The word "know" in Genesis 3:22 means by experience, the same as it means in Mark 13:32.

Based upon the covenant of marriage, how important is this institution to God?

Simply put, marriage is THE institution upon which all society rests.

  1. It is a God ordained covenant, or life-long binding agreement, between one man and one woman.  While God's law made allowances for divorce, these allowances were made for the hardness of men's hearts.  With these exceptions, any deviations from this inviolate pattern is viewed by God as a perversion of his original intent and design.  The whole L.G.B.T. Movement is anathema (cursed) of God.  Contrary to medical 'science' this is NOT a genetic predisposition, but a reprobate choice (Read Judges 20:47 and Judges 21:23).  These passages, reveal the six hundred homosexual men of Benjamin, repented and forsook their sin and took for themselves six hundred women of Jabesh gilead to be their wives.  God did not destroy Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other cities of the plain for nothing. With the exception of Lot and his two daughters, Lot's wife was a bi-sexual, there was not one strait person in Sodom, a city of approximately 20-30,000 people.  This fact is substantiated by Abraham's dialogue with God in Genesis 18:23-32.  Read what Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 say in the K.J.V.  Read also Romans 1:24-27, I Cor. 6:9 and Jude 7.  Also, the idea there can be a civil union performed by a secular official is blasphemous.  God is the author of marriage!
  2. Its roles, for success, happiness, and fulfillment, have been defined by God
  3. Its success is measured spiritually first, then sexually.  Sex is seen as the outward expression of an invisible spiritual unity existing between the man and the woman before their Creator.  This is one of many reasons why sex outside marriage is forbidden.  It is devoid of the spiritual component sanctioned within this covenant
  4. The relationship within marriage is the example for all healthy relationships within society.  If you cannot love your wife as you love yourself, how can the other relationships one encounters be deemed healthy
  5. Respect for each other is rooted in respect for one's Creator.  Remember, while the wife is to mirror the husband's godly behavior before the children in his absence, a woman is  not to find her fulfillment through her children.  When that happens the marriage spirals downward, and if it persists in spite of the husband's subtle hints, the marriage will fail.  

Had Adam and Eve consummated their marriage before the fall?

I answered this question previously.  The answer is no.  If Adam and Eve had a child before the fall, then this individual would not have possessed any sin.  This means Adam and Eve had not consummated their marriage in the sight of God.  Sexual union between a man and a woman in marriage constitutes THE act that seals marriage.  Without that, marriage is not marriage from God's perspective.  God is not a prude.  Just read Song of Solomon! God very much approves of sex; however, it must be done in the context of God's marriage covenant.